How to
Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer Rules

Coin Toss

Before the game begins, team captains call a coin toss to decide who kicks off. Teams alternate every quarter.


Whichever team won the coin toss starts the game in the center of the field. Just like normal soccer, one person passes the ball back to his team mate to start the game.


If a player kicks the ball over the sideline, the opposing team gets a kick-in. They kick from outside the sideline, and the fouling team must give them 5 feet of space.

Corner Kicks

Just like regular soccer, if a defender forces the ball out of bounds over the goal line, the attacking team gets a corner kick.

Penalty Kicks

If awarded, penalty kicks are taken 10 yards from the goal line. The opposing team selects one person to defend the goal.


There is no rule for offsides in Bubble Soccer.


There is no designated position for goalkeeper in Bubble Soccer, but teams may post a player near the goal.


If the soccer ball lands in the top of a player's bubble, the game will stop. One player from each team lines up at the place of the incident for a "drop ball."

Game Length

  • 4 minute quarters (running clock)
  • 5 minute break between quarters
  • 10 minute halftime
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, each team will select one player to play one-on-one, sudden death overtime for 2 minutes. If neither team scores, the game ends in a tie.


  • Unnecessary Roughness Verbal Warning – This is issued when a player initiates contact away from the ball. The fouled team receives a free kick.
  • Unnecessary Roughness Yellow Card – If a player blindsides someone when they are nowhere near the ball, they will get a yellow card and the fouled team receives a free kick. Two yellow cards result in a red card. If both players are going after the ball, then no foul is committed.
  • Trash Talking Red Card – Trash talking is strictly prohibited and will result in a red card. If a player receives a red card, they are removed from the game, their team plays down a player, and the fouled team receives a penalty kick.

Safety on the field

  • No Sandals
  • No Jewelry
  • No Glasses
  • No Cleats
  • No Flying Hits

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